Aramco Furnaces (X8S3385)

Model A-15

1000 lbs / hour  Ingot making system

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Aramco Furnaces X8S3385
1000 lbs / hour  Ingot making system

Model A-15
Shipping Weight – 1600 lbs
Length – 8′
Width – 4′
Height – 5.5′
Melt Rate – Up to 700 lbs/hr
Fuel Consumption – 7 gals propane/hr

-EPA approved with an after burner for clean burning
-machine is in excellent condition , only one year usage
-works on propane or natural gas
-hydraulic tilting and 6 rotating trays 50lbs each for one man use
-to melt scrap engine and transmission producing 113 ingots,working on 1350F ,
-but you can melt any other material depends on your operation by raising your operation temprature
-include is all the hoses and tools for immidiate operation