Sand casting setup used for Bronze (X2S2598-1)


Sand casting setup used for Bronze (X2S2598-1)

MB-2 molders bench 2 stations
MKB-2 tool kit for mb-2 bench
Aluminum bench rammer w/ replaceable peen end
          M5 molders tool set
          Molders bellows 10”
          24” strike off bar
          5/8” x 9” tapered sprue cutter
          10# carton parting dust w/ 2 bags
          2 molders shovels
          #8 mesh 18” wooden hand riddle
          #4 mesh 18” wooden hand riddle
Approx. 200 lbs of oil bonded sand

Safety equipment includes:
          7” leather spats
          18” high heat gloves
          #900 melters goggles with blue lens

Lifting tongs for ingots
Pour and lifting bar
12 – Flasks (or casting boxes) (metal fabricated)
ECONOLINE blast cabinet WD 40” x 38”
With dust collection system

SOLD - items from the system:

MIFCO T90 gas tilting furnace (X2S2598)
With 4UV
A blower for a 5,000 ft elevation
3 silicon carbide crucibles # 30
(Melts 90 lbs of bronze)
MD250 digital pyrometer with 15” tip